Land For Sale Franklin County PA Montgomery Township Greencastle 17225

Land For Sale Franklin County PA Montgomery Twp - 1.79 Acre
Video Transcription

Josh: Hey, this is Josh Schoenly with Schartman Enterprises shooting this video, to provide a little more information in detail about a parcel of land that we have for sale, 1.79 acres in Greencastle PA, specifically Montgomery Township.

It does have seller financing available, or a significant discount for a cash sale. And we’ve got some images here in the Facebook posts that we’ve created for the property, but let’s take a little bit closer look if we may.

So here is a screen shot from the Franklin County GIS mapping system. This is the parcel right here. We can get a different view of it. And this is the parcel again here, kind of zoomed out and then this as well as just kind of another view of it. But let’s actually take a look at the GIS map itself. So we’re zoomed out even farther here. The parcel is right here. Zoom out one more even and take a look. That’s right there, you can kind of see some of the surrounding and we can zoom back in as well.

It’s right here. And as you can see, it actually is right on the border between Montgomery and Antrim Township, at least this edge is, so it’s kind of the edge of Montgomery, which incidentally there is no zoning in Montgomery. I did talk to the zoning office and because it’s over an acre, you can pretty much do just about anything you want on the property. You can build any type of residential structure, et cetera. Now obviously it is wooded and undeveloped currently, but the price reflects that it’s quite a wholesale price on the property. Here’s a look on Google Earth as well, can kind of zoom in.

See the different properties. There’s a cul-de-sac down at the edge here. So that gives you a couple of different looks at the property and then kind of zoom out too. Google Earth has some different cool, different views. I think if I hit shift I can twist it so you can kind of get an idea of the terrain and so forth. Anywho, so there’s some more information. If you have any questions, you can call or text me at this number right here, (717) 744-0648. And we do have some other parcels of land coming soon in Franklin County as well. If you’re interested in something else, certainly feel free to reach out on those as well. Thanks and take care.

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